c a r o l i n e 

born in 1992 - danish + french

girl of a danish mum and a danish dad, sister to a parisian louise

* bachelor in fine arts- photography from art school
"écoles de condé" in lyon, france

* currently studying social sciences
(politics, anthropology, history, sociology)



I work with

* polaroids, a hasselblad, as well as my digital camera. Got a deep love for that nostalgic kind of working with analog, which is such a different process !
* people, places, anything that gives me a sight of magic

I work for

* textile brands like sioux studio, biches & bûches, comptoir américain
* architecture agency soho atlas for interior design series
* many other projects 

I participated in

* the wolves workshop on the canary islands
* fashion photography competition PICTO 



you are always very welcome to write / ask questions ! <3





“There’s a kind of power thing about the camera. I mean everyone knows you’ve got some edge. You’re carrying some magic which does something to them. It fixes them in a way.” – Diane Arbus





William Eggleston
Diane Arbus
Wes Anderson
Sofia Coppola
Erwin Olaf
Désirée Dolron
Gregory Crewdson

Jacques Tati
Alfred Hitchcock
Grace Kelly

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