c a r o l i n e
s k a d h a u g e

Spring 2016
I spent two months in Denmark in a school, studying film, between the forest, the sea and corn fields. I wrote and made this little film, called "Parachute." while I was there, all with the precious help of my friend Anne Munksgaard Tranum, starring the sweetest Merethe Abildgaard Knudsen.

xx Caroline

April 2017

Un petit film avec les amis Alexandre Madjar et Jacques Vanel. Un petit film de type documentaire intime d'après les mots de Jacques Chambon, un portrait d'Alexandre nous proposant une interprétation de la fuite en musique, le tout teinté d'humour  xx Caroline


A little movie I made with friends Alexandre Madjar and Jacques Vanel is now online for eye and ears. Jacques Chambon, a French comedian, defined it as an "intimate documentary" which I think suits just fine. I hope you understand French! xx Caroline

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