/ S T U D I E S /

/ W O R K /

/ M O R E /

** bachelor in fine arts photography ;
art school écoles de condé
lyon, france

** cinema experimenting/studying at political discovery school in denmark

** human science
political science, anthropology, history, sociology
one year at university of lyon, france

contemplation of small pieces of magic
with a great deal of humor and lightness

** intimate documentaries 

with photography and short films

experimentation with film photography (hasselblad in 6x6 and nikon fm with kodak portra 400), studio lighting and short films.

** artistic direction, photographer and community builder for Biches & Bûches (2014-2018)
** three prints are featured by the  gallery Pomelo Paris

** selection at the PICTO fashion photography award

** selection at the CLAC short film competition with the movie "une Fuite"




C A R O 

Born in Lyon, France 〰️ June 29th, 1992  〰️ Now living in Paris.

I am both danish and french, my whole family being from denmark and me grewing up most of my life in France between the two distinct cultural traditions and mindsets, creating quite a special mix.

Things I love other than being in my creative zone and on photoshoots with my models and friends, are dancing and music (swing & rock n'roll baby), getting blown away by talks and conferences (anthroplogy, cultural and artistic constructions, design, community buidling, health, environmental friendly approaches and plants just to name a few) getting my feet in the sand, and as usual traveling with my best friends (especially with the purpose of a creative photoshoot awaiting héhé).




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snaps by jack fairey for the @ininsolationproject under covid lockdown

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