/ S T U D I E S /

/ W O R K /

/ M O R E /

** bachelor in fine arts photography ;
art school écoles de condé
with highest honors (mention très bien)
lyon, france


** cinema experimenting/studying at political discovery school in denmark

** human science
political science, anthropology, history, sociology
one year at university of lyon, france

** intimate documentaries 

with photography and short films

experimentation with film photography (hasselblad in 6x6 and nikon fm with kodak portra 400), studio lighting and short films.

contemplation of small pieces of magic 
with a great deal of humor and lightness

** artistic direction, photographer and community builder for Biches & Bûches (2014-2018)

** three prints featured by the  gallery Pomelo Paris (2019-2020)

〰️"we often forget to recognize
how empowering
it can feel to be photographed
and to be represented." 

zachary drucker for aperture

〰️"the role of the artist is exactly
the same as the role of the lover.
if i love you, i have to make you conscious
of the things you don't see."  

james baldwin




C A R O 

Born in Lyon, France 〰️ June 29th, 1992  〰️ Now living in Paris.

I am both danish and french, my whole family being from denmark and me grewing up most of my life in France between the two distinct cultural traditions and mindsets, creating quite a special mix.

Things I love other than being in my creative zone and on photoshoots with my models and friends, are dancing and music (swing & rock n'roll baby), getting blown away by talks and conferences (anthroplogy, cultural and artistic construction, design, community buidling, environmental friendly approaches just to name a few haha) getting my feet in the water, and as usual traveling with my best friends (especially with the purpose of a creative photoshoot awaiting héhé).




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